Our Mission

Little boy & girl reading a book.

The evidence is growing every day that it is possible to bring to life the vision of our Founding Parents: to have a nation of literate, patriotic people.

Tools of Learning for Children is committed to staying on top of what the evidence shows for giving the youngest of children the help they need to start their learning journey with literacy tools they can use in public, private, home or distance learning environments.

To achieve our mission, we seek to provide to early childhood educational programs free or very low cost Tools of Learning, including phonetic, musical and mathematical instruments that allow even the most vulnerable children to get started on success. We are actually designing an exciting new numbers and math companion package, the we expect to test in the field over the next year!

Children gifted with the confidence of reading and understanding are best equipped to realize why they are blessed to be citizens of a nation committed to winning!

Our Objectives

1. To develop a literate citizenry, we seek to introduce a successful reading program — Frontline Phonics — to selected preschools. And we are now bringing music and learning to math and English as Second Language advances for children ages 3, 4 and 5 and their families!

2. To promote appreciation of our system of government, we distribute booklets containing the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution to teachers and students in the grades where US History is taught.

3. To achieve both of these goals, we develop partnerships and raise funds to confidently demonstrate why literacy, reading and comprehension are the critical Tools of Learning for all.


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Our Organization

Tools of Learning for Children (TL4C) is a non-profit organization, established under Section 501c(3) of the IRS Code. Its structure consists of a Board of Directors and Teams that carry out the various functions.